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Floods Roll on as Germany's Sodden Cities Count Cost

Germany -- As eastern Germany braced itself for further flooding, European leaders promised a common effort to fund rebuilding and cleanup expected to cost around $20 billion.

Many east Germans left their homes and headed for higher ground on Monday. German police confirmed another death, bringing the Europe-wide toll to at least 106.

Meanwhile there were fears that Budapest, Hungary, would be the latest European capital to be inundated with the flood water making its way downstream from freak storms which hit Europe two weeks ago.

Meeting in Berlin, European Commission President Romano Prodi and the leaders of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia agreed a plan to free "substantial sums" from European Union development funds and cheap loans.

While they were unable to give specific figures, the leaders also proposed the creation of a European disaster relief fund that could start by helping flood areas.

If you want to help please use the following Bank data:

Charitable donations

Caritas International
Code: Hochwasser
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
BLZ 660 205 00
Kto. 202

Grman Red Cross
Online donations
Code: Nachbarn in Not 
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
BLZ 370 205 00
Kto. 41 41 41

Diakonisches Werk
Code: Hochwasser
Postbank Stuttgart
BLZ 600 100 70
Kto. 502 707

Die Johanniter
Code: Hochwasser
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Köln
BLZ: 370 205 00
Kto. 88 88

Bayerische Staatsregierung
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Kto. 82000

Donations for Passau:

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BLZ 74050000
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Donations for Bavaria Forest

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Bankleitzahl 742 510 20.
Code: " Landkreis Cham - Hochwasserschäden".

Donations for Dresden:

Stadtsparkasse Dresden
Kto.-Nr.: 348 0351 00/Blz.: 85055142
Code: Flutkatastrophe Freistaat Sachsen

Dresdner Bank Dresden
Kto.-Nr.: 0405512300/Blz.: 85080000
Code: Flutkatastrophe Freistaat Sachsen

Donations for Magdeburg:

Konto-Nr: 14 00 01 01
BLZ 810 532 72
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